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I was born in Ohio, but my family moved to California in the 60’s and I grew up here, attending Bishop Amat High School and Cal Poly Pomona where I got a bachelors in Zoology. I then got a Master's in Museum Science from Texas Tech University and worked in museums in Pennsylvania and Kansas for 12 years. 


I went to Guatemala as a missionary in 1989 and spent 10 years working among the people there as Administrator and Director of Harvest the World Bible Institute, where I also became a certified family and marriage counselor. After that I spent 5 years as a church administrator, where part of the work I did was to help build or improve housing for the poorer members of the church, made possible by an increase in church finances through good administration. I speak fluent Spanish and know something about the Hispanic culture and their needs. I met my wife Elda there, and three of our four children were born in Guatemala. My wife and I recognize that the greatness of a man is in helping others. That is why we practice philanthropy, supporting charitable organizations and people in need, here and in Guatemala. 

Upon returning to the United States, I have worked principally as a church administrator and teacher here in the Inland Empire, but have also simultaneously worked as a Foster Parent, in the construction industry, as a Realtor and as a real estate investor and property manager. So, I know what it means to be a working man and having to juggle things to get all the bills paid. I know what’s important to working people – a strong economy and a secure place to live where they can pursue their dream without a lot of government regulations and interference. 

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