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I love God and love my country and believe every person has the right to pursue their dream without the government putting roadblocks in their way. I will serve you with the principals taught me by my parents and by which I have lived: 
  1. Work hard, but work smart 
  2. Never stop learning and improving yourself 
  3. Always do your best 
  4. Honesty and integrity 
  5. Be a giver and help others 
  6. Be early or on time, but not late 
  7. Economic principals 
  • Don’t spend what you don’t have. 
  • Adjust your lifestyle to match your income and expenses. (An example of this principal is when we had three children in the university at the same time but did not incur any student debt. We adjusted our lifestyle to save up and have enough cash to pay tuition each semester.)
These are principals that everyone in government should follow. Unfortunately, many politicians have forgotten the true meaning of what it means to be a politician – one who works for the people. I don’t want to be in government for my benefit but to seek the well being of all the people I represent, not just a select group. I have this very clear – I work for you, not you for a government that wants to implement their own agenda that many times harms us rather than helps us. 
By giving away money that the government doesn’t have, career politicians have caused runaway inflation, and in the end hurt more people than they help. We need fiscal responsibility and accountability in our government, and I will always fight for that! 

Issues at Home

Washington has gotten out of control and needs to be reined in to where it will put the needs of the people first and not some woke agenda. In talking with people they have expressed concern about the following issues, so these are things that I will fight for.

  • Economic Responsibility - cut spending, eliminate agencies and programs that do nothing for us, and balance the budget.

  • Secure Borders - a country without secure borders is not a country. Open borders have allowed an unknown numbers of terrorists and drug dealers to enter this country, putting us all at risk. We still welcome people here, but let them come through the legal immigration process already established.

  • Term Limits - career politicians are ruining this country. Term limits will help control them and give place to new talent and fresh ideas on how to serve and protect the people of this country.

  • Strong Military and Law Enforcement - we need a military that is trained and equipped to protect our nation against all aggression. We need to support law enforcement so that they have the personnel and equipment to protect us, our homes and our businesses.

  • Parent's Rights - parents have the right to make the decisions that will affect their children, not some government official or school administrator that wants to do things without telling them.

  • Free Speech - no more double standards or censorship by government or Big Tech. We should be able to express our opinion without fear.

  • Religious Freedom - not freedom from religion, but the ability to worship God when we want, where we want and how we want.

  • Energy Independence - it's crazy to have our enemies among those who provide us energy. We have the resources to be energy independent, and should develop them. Wind and solar will never be able to supply all our needs, so lets return to the tried and true until some better technology comes along.


Foreign Policy

I believe in putting America first in all our dealings with foreign countries, So these are a few of the things that I will fight for.

  • Treaties and Trade Agreements - they should never be one sided but should always benefit the American people and our business community. 

  • Accountability - we should demand accountability for all foreign aid given to make sure it is being used correctly and for the things it was given for.

  • Israel - we need to support Israel as our best friend and greatest ally in the Middle East.

  • China - we need to take a tougher stance against China and cut back our economic dependence on Chinese products. We need to hold them accountable for the theft of American technology and for the Fentanyl Crisis (they produce and send fentanyl here) that has caused the death of many Americans.

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